Green venue inspection
February 13, 2019  By fleur 

Green, cosy spot, completely renovatie in the middle.

Totally relaxed
January 17, 2019  By fleur 

Totally relaxed at ritualen cosmetics after the workshop.

Goldwell show at the Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam
November 3, 2018  By fleur 

Production of Goldwell show at the Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, in cooperation with Elite Model […]

Visit at The Grand Amsterdam
October 31, 2018  By fleur 

Always lovely to visit this beautiful hotel in centre of Amsterdam!

Checking in today at Goldwell Benelux office in Amersfoort
October 24, 2018  By fleur 

Checking in today at Goldwell Benelux office in Amersfoort. Preparing for the Goldwell show on […]

Flower for more fun
October 12, 2018  By fleur 

Breaking down from a incredible set up from World Forum AI at the Westergasfabriek.

Sneak peak from the tech desk
October 10, 2018  By fleur 

Sneak peak from the tech desk at World Forum AI in Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek.

Day 2 Intelligent Health event Bazel
September 14, 2018  By fleur 

Good morning Bazel! Day 2

Intelligent Health 2018 Bazel Switzerland
September 12, 2018  By fleur 

At the congres centrum in Basel we produce for JUR the Intelligent Health event 2018.

Build up for Intelligent Health Bazel Switzerland
September 10, 2018  By fleur 

Build up for Intelligent Health Bazel Switserland

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  • Hofmeester Dental
    "40th anniversary and grand opening of the new office "Hofmeester Dental" Over a 1000 clients were welcomed in Rotterdam for the Hofmeester festival. In typical Rotterdam style their new head office was spectacularly opened.
  • Frame Lab and Frame Awards 2018
    Frame Publishers organized a new event format, discovering the future of space through an immersive blend of inspiring talks, innovative exhibitions, and a top-class program of panel discussions and workshops. 
  • The NeXt Phase event - The Ocean Cleanup
    Dutch Matters produced this event for 2000 guests at the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht, together with Bind Film and Jurlights.
  • Nike
    Presentation collection 2017 during summer for one week, for professionals and visitors. Presentation collection 2017 during summer for one week, for professionals and visitors. Activities outside and inside the Zuiveringshall. Inside you could fine the Olympic Innovation Experience, where highlighting innovation and technology was associated with the products. The Athlete Amphitheater : a showcase for the running Olympic Kits and Global Athlete line up. The Trail Experience where the newest products could be tried and the Athlete Member Wall with lockers for the athlets with the newest products.
  • KAO Goldwell & KMS
    Dutch Matters produced this event, in cooperation with Jurlights, for 1200 guests at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam during MBAFW - Amsterdam Fashion Week. This edition the team succeeded to produce a complete new show.
  • Relaunch Experience KMS
    Overall production for KAO Benelux - KMS relaunch - 450 guests Over a 450 hairdressers from all over the country were welcomed in Amersfoort at the Prodent Fabriek for the relaunch of KMS. Simon Miller and Edwin Raaijmakers both lead the show at the catwalk and introduced many KMS professionals and models on stage. At the catwalk the new KMS was presented and the professionals showed the new products. During the after party several booths were manned by KMS professionals, delicious food was served from a specular food truck . A tattoe artist made tattoes for fans and a street artist painted the audience. A DJ made the show and created a nice atmosphere during the evening. A goodie bag with the new KMS products was offered to all guests.
  • Kevin Murphy
    Amazing production of Kevin Murphy for 1000 hairdressers from all over the world, which took place at the Gashouder in Amsterdam.
  • Launch of the Interceptor - The Ocean Cleanup
    The Interceptor is an autonomous system for collecting plastic pollution from rivers before it reaches the sea. Boyan Slat launched this brand new device of The Ocean Cleanup on October 26th at Broekman Distriport in Rotterdam for a public of 1000 guests.
  • Sanofi Vietnam
    Dutch Matters organized a week incentive for a VIP group of the Taiwanese company Sanofi.
  • World Summit AI
    World Summit AI is gathering the whole ecosystem, Enterprise, Startups, Investors and Deep Tech to discuss the future of Artificial Intelligence.
  • KAO Goldwell & KMS Show
    KAO asked us to coordinate their event in the Westergasfabriek during the Fashion Week. They also asked Dutch Matters to organize their own event, attended by over 1200 international hairdressers. Plenty of reasons to celebrate!
  • Lente Borrel Westergasfabriek
    De Lenteborrel 2018 is a yearly event organized by De Westergasfabriek and here preferred partners: The Food Line-up and JUR.